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About our Comp Classes

Here are Stardust we have 2 competition teams coached by Tori that run alongside all our recreational classes. These give  students who wish to take their dancing to the next level the opportunity to be part of a supportive team competing around the country.

Students wishing to be part of a competition team are invited to attend one of our tryout sessions or arrange to come for a trial class. This helps our coaches to place them in the correct team for their ability.

We recommend students in a competition team attend a minimum of one other technical dance class (Jazz or Ballet) per week to assist with their training.

If you or your child is interested in joining one of our competition teams, please email here and request to be sent an information pack.

Come along to a trial session to find out what our competition teams are all about and meet our coaches :)

Class Descriptions

Junior Lyrical Jazz

In our Junior Lyrical Jazz classes you’ll learn strong jazz technique including kicks, turns and leaps. These skills will be combined into beautiful choreography which always tells a story through dance movements and emotion.

Senior Lyrical Jazz

In our Senior Lyrical Jazz classes you’ll learn how to tell powerful stories through dance movement and learn how to emote through facial expressions. You’ll learn more complex jazz and contemporary techniques and your strength and flexibility will be developed further.

While doing any Stardust class you’ll create amazing memories, build friendships and learn to work together as a team!

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