Springtime Ballet Class

A Springtime Flowers themed Ballet Class for kids & beginners. Learn ballet basic with Miss Hannah.

Springtime Ballet Class

Join Miss Hannah for a fun and cute Spring time flowers ballet class for kids to dance along to at home. Kids practice their ballet online for free in the comfort of their own home, anytime they would like with this Spring time flowers Ballet Class. If your kids love Spring, springtime, flowers or dancing, they're sure to enjoy this fun and educational ballet class.

We'll be practicing our pliés, tendus, dancing to ballet music and stretching amongst other things in this full dance class for kids.

Class Description

Join Miss Hannah for a beautiful Fun Ballet Class for Beginners and kids - where we'll be dancing to the theme of Spring Flowers. This fun dance class includes some pretty music & songs including Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker.

Difficulty / Level

This ballet class and dances are designed to suit our youngest dancers. If you have a baby, toddler, pre-school, primary age child or older - they should all be able to enjoy this beginners ballet class with Miss Hannah.

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Spring time Flowers Ballet Class for kids

Hi everyone it's Miss Hannah from Stardust Dance Academy and thanks for joining me for our springtime ballet class today we are going to be dancing to the waltz of the flowers from the nutcracker as well as some other beautiful songs all about springtime and flowers.

[Start of Class]

So jump up on your feet make sure you've got lots of space to dance today and let's get started so we're gonna warm up today to the song english country garden so i want you to pretend you're in a beautiful garden and we're gonna walk on demi point eight little steps round in a circle good and then you're gonna run around the garden up on your toes beautiful and then finish in parallel we're going to take a big bend and stretch bend and stretch and then a lovely porter bra all the way beautiful and then we can go the other way round with our walks and our runs let's go with music ready rise up and round little steps and run fast as you can on your toes good and up and down nice big bend in those knees arms beautiful here we go again right up on those toes and run fast as you can good and down good arms up beautiful last time eight little steps and run on those toes good job bend up good job everyone we're now going to work on our plies and hondues so you can either hold your dress or have your hands on your waist and these plies are quite quick this week so we're taking two plies bend and stretch bend and stretch then we're going to tap our foot to the side with a lovely stretch foot to second one two three close it in repeat plie stretch plie stretch and attack to the side good job next in the song it tells us she's picking flowers so we are going to walk on our toes to the side and we're going to bend pretend to pick a flower and then blow it away good and the other way walk pretend to pick a flower blow it away and then we're gonna come forwards on your toes pretend to pick a flower and blow it away good job then you're gonna do a big twirl on your toes feet in first and we get to start all from the beginning again with our plies and points so make sure you're in a lovely first position heads up tall and let's dance it with the music good job here we go ready to play and trash hoppers flying higher good your head now forward well let's pick some more flowers is foreign a flower good and i want you to pick up lots of flowers and again beautiful and then can you blow your flowers away well done everyone next we're gonna work on our sideways gallop so we're gonna do a little rock to the side rock and then hands into your heart and we're gonna do three gallops to the side one two three and the other way one two three one more time one two three good then repeat our waves hands to your heart and we do our gallops again good job we've also got some skips in this dance so when we skip you can either have your hands on your waist or hold your dress but i want to see nice high knees and pointy toes as we do our skips great job okay everyone pop your feet in first and get ready to hear the music and follow along with me point to the side ready to rock here we go and a big now some lovely can you go the other way around this time ready to skip up show me those things good and again is can you make your gallops bigger this time can you dab it further good job everybody i hope you are enjoying the class so far next we're going to learn a dance from the nutcracker ballet called the waltz of the flowers so lots of you might recognize this song now we are going to start down on the floor on our knees and we're going to be a teeny tiny seed so you can kneel down or you might want to curl up in a little ball then we're going to rise up pretend you're a beautiful flower and open your petals beautiful and again we're gonna be another beautiful flower growing and opening our petals gorgeous and again well done everyone then the last time we're gonna take it up and we're gonna stand up on our toes and we're gonna twirl around maybe you'll do one twirl maybe you can do two or three then we're gonna step to the side and you're gonna take a little curtsy or a bow and again step and a little curtsy or a bow good job everybody let's see if we can do all of that from the beginning so down on your knees like a little seed ready to grow into a beautiful flower and again beautiful think what color flower you want to be last time this flower grows tall and it swirls round how many twirls are you gonna do today beautiful open and curtsies or bows and turn finish in first position well done so far everybody we're then gonna take our arms up and they're gonna flutter down really gently like the petals of a flower falling off gorgeous then we're going to take two lovely demi plies bend and a stretch bend and a stretch then out to the side and in out and in and again bend and a stretch and then the other foot out in can you really stretch those toes for me as hard as you can beautiful well done we're then gonna float one arm up and i want you to look at your hand as it floats up to the ceiling beautiful and then open down gorgeous everyone let's see if we can try just that new little bit with the music so arms up and they flutter down petals falling from your flower and get ready for your plies heads up tall bend stretch and two points out in out and again bend stretch bend stretch out in good job ready for those arms beautiful and the other one look at your hands lovely and open beautiful well done everybody now the next part's my favorite part of this dance we're gonna take a lovely big step to the side into first arabesque good job so looking up and then to the front open and close other side step stretch and then open and close good job we're gonna dance that four times and then we're gonna add a spin so we're gonna step stretch and then you're gonna bring your hands into your hearts as you spin around and the other side step stretch hands into your heart as you spin around on your toes good job let's try the chorus part with the music and then we can put it all together okay are you ready big step into first arabesque and step open lovely stretch remember to look up in first arabic now we're gonna add the turn turn on your toes step and good beautiful one more beautiful well done dancers then that takes us straight back into our plies that we did a little bit earlier and our two lovely points to the side good then we get to repeat the chorus and then the last time you can choose your own ending pose so we will have just done our lovely spin on our toes maybe you'll finish with your hands in your heart maybe you'll take them up maybe you're going to go up on your toes so you can copy my ending position or you can come up with your very own so let's see if we can put all that we've learned together into our dance so down on our knees like our tiny little seed ready to grow into a beautiful flower and again beautiful everyone this time it's going to grow up onto your toes and good open gorgeous curtsies or bells and lovely arms up and flutter down ready for our plies and points to the side so heads up nice and tall feet in first and two times you out in out in again bend and stretch beautiful everyone really point those toes and one arm slowly and the other one look at your hands gorgeous and open them both together lovely are you ready for our big step into first our best step in and again it's lovely beautiful now we're gonna add the turtle hands into your heart stretch beautiful have you got your lovely ballerina arms ready good look at your hand beautiful open okay let's make our first arabs beautiful now if you want to add the turn you can but you don't have to turn on your toes beautiful good job everyone and find a finishing position well done everyone that was really beautiful let's see if we can do our lovely waltz of the flowers dance one last time all the way through so down on your knees curled up nice and small ready to grow into those beautiful flowers up onto your toes beautiful open curtsy and bow and arms and fluttering down nice and gentle and hands on your waist or hold your dress ready for our plies and points to the side heads up tall here we go two points to the side good and again keep those heads up beautiful float one arm good and the other look at your hand gorgeous open and get ready to do our big step into first our best stretch and again if you don't want to you can just keep it playing bend stretch two points in good really stretch those toes down gorgeous are you ready for your arms ready other side and a lovely rainbow beautiful get ready let's make this bigger stretch and stretch gorgeous add this well done that was really beautiful everybody now let's have a sit down on the floor because we're gonna give our legs a nice stretch good job everybody so sitting yourselves down pop the soles of your feet together and just have a little rock side to side good job now let's see if we can sit up really tall and then relax forward head all the way down well done let's do that again sit nice and tall tall as you can and then relax your head forwards all the way down good job everybody now can you stretch both your legs forward and show me your best stretched ballerina toes nice then they're going to come up to the ceiling and down to the floor keep sitting nice and tall for me as you practice your beautiful stretched feet good and then we're going to take a nice big stretch up and relax forwards maybe you're going to reach your knees your legs your ankles or your toes and another big stretch that's it as tall as you can and reach forwards lovely now can you give your knees a nice big cuddle good job well done everybody and let's stand up ready for our last exercise well done everybody now before we do our last exercise i wanted to remind you that you can drop me a comment below let me know if you've enjoyed today's class and if you had a favorite dance that we've done or if you've got any requests for other dances or songs for me to do in the future for you good job so when you're ready we're now going to move on to our curtsies and bows good job so feet in first position standing nice and tall and remember you choose whether you're going to finish your ballet class with a curtsy or a bow step to the side and step and give yourselves a big clap well done everybody.

[End of Class]

Thank you so much for dancing with me today and i hope to see you back here for more ballet next week bye everyone you

May 5, 2021