Disneys Raya Ballet Class

Raya and the Last Dragon inspired Ballet Class for Kids & Beginners with a routine to Lead the Way!

Disneys Raya Ballet Class

Join Miss Hannah for a beautiful ballet class for kids to dance along to at home to the theme of Raya and the Last Dragon. Kids practice their ballet online for free in the comfort of their own home, anytime they would like with this special Raya and the Last Dragon Ballet Class. If your kids love Disney, Disney Princesses or Ballet, they're sure to enjoy this fun and educational ballet class.

We'll be practicing our pliés, tendus, dancing to beautiful ballet music and stretching amongst other things in this full dance class for kids.


Learn ballet routines to Raya and the Last Dragon with a dance to Lead the Way and other beautiful music from the movie! Join Miss Hannah in Kumandra for this Disney Raya-inspired ballet dance class. Dancing to English version of Lead the Way by Jhené Aiko.

Difficulty / Level

This Raya and the Last Dragon ballet class and dances are designed to suit our youngest dancers and older. If you have a baby, toddler, pre-school, primary age child or older - they should all be able to enjoy this beginners ballet class with Miss Hannah.

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LEAD THE WAY by Jhené Aiko

Miss Hannah teaches Ballet to Lead the Way. Check out this dance class themed to Raya and the Last Dragon featuring the song “Lead the Way” by Jhené Aiko.

Raya and the Last Dragon Ballet Class YouTube Transcript

Hi everyone it's Miss Hannah from Stardust Dance Academy and i am super excited that you've come to dance with me today because we are going to be doing our ballet class to some of the new music from the Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon (on Disney+) so make sure you've got lots of space and i hope you enjoy today's class.
[Ballet Class begins]stard
So we're going to start with our feet in parallel position today and the dragons in this movie can fly so we're gonna stretch our arms out good job we're gonna do two little bounces to the side and stretch your wings and then the other way and then four quick one two three four good then we're going to repeat with a rock rock and point rock and point and then four quick flying side to side good job then i want you to go up on your toes and run fly around in a circle and switch and fly round on your toes the other way good job so feet in parallel and let's go with music stretch those wings out and switch good four quick four three two one and go good stretch those wings four good in a circle ready all the way stretch those good and now we're gonna well done everybody now the first dragon that rhea meets is called sisu and she is a water dragon who loves swimming so we're gonna warm up our feet and our toes doing some lovely plies and some beautiful stretched feet and we are also going to pretend we are swimming in the ocean so pop your feet in first position you can start by holding your skirt or place your hands on your waist and follow along with me head up nice and tall we're gonna do our place to start bend and stretch bend and stretch now swift swim good plie again bend and stretch heads up tall good now we're going to swim on our toes that's it up on your tiptoes lovely first position head up tall good job and back to our plies good point those toes as you rock well done everybody now sisu and her dragon friends each have a special power and one of them has the power to make magic fog so can you circle your hands like this very good and the frog's going to go all the way up and open beautiful do that one once more all the way up and open lovely another one of the magic dragon powers is to be a shape shifter so we're gonna see if we can make a beautiful circle above our heads and then up on our toes turn your circle around beautiful open and then can you stretch into a big star shape as big as you can good and then can you curl into a little ball as small as you can great job everybody let's try those first two with some music feet in first position ready for the magic fog it goes up and open and again beautiful shape shifter circle hold it up and turn open beautiful star shape really big and really small beautiful well done ballerinas now sisu's eldest brother his magic power is to control the rain so we're going to take a little step and you're going to show me rain beautiful and can you look up at your hand as you look at your beautiful sparkly raindrops good job and then we've already learned cece's magic power because she is a water dragon so we're gonna do our lovely swimming through the ocean point those toes as you rock side to side good job let's see if we can put those four magic dragon powers into our dance feet in first and nice and tall ballerinas beautiful here comes the magic fog and up and again shape shifting circle turn and big star and a little ball magic rain other side good show me your magic rain again and swim good that's it point those toes and fog lovely magic fog all the way up and open good shape-shifting show me your circle turn it round lovely now your starship and your little ball magic ring and again beautiful look at those hands make your sparkly rain drops and swim and finish that was so good well done everybody let's do that one one more time so feet in first position standing nice and tall ready to use all of our magic powers we make the fog beautiful and again up and circle hold that circle up good open star-shaped stretch really big and small and rain good wiggle those fingers to make your magic raindrops good one more time and swim good back to the beginning magic fog and open and shapes up turn on your toes and open big star and a small ball get your magic beautiful stretch those toes one more and swim beautiful well done beautiful dancing well done everybody next i'm going to teach you a dance to my favorite song from raya and the last dragon which is called lead the way so we've got a special starting position for this one you're gonna tuck one foot behind keeping your knees together and we're gonna place our hand on our shoulder and we're gonna look up nice and strong just like raya wonderful and then we're gonna float this arm down to bring us into first position now for this first little bit you can hold your arms in bra bar you can hold your dress if you've got one or place your hands on your waist all right we're going to step to the side step together step and point and you're going to tap your opposite hand forward and again step together step and point step together step and point then we're going to draw a big rainbow and close it in good and then we repeat that going the other way so let's start with our feet together good let's go in our starting position so one foot behind hand on your shoulder looking nice and strong here we go with music ready great job everybody so for the next part she sings this energy in the water we're going to demi pelier bring our arms in and flutter them out like waves of the ocean so they come in and out beautiful then they're going up and you pull them in to your heart good job then we're going to do a little point to the side and we're going to rock keep your hands into your heart three and close on four good job now i want your best stretch foot to the side as you take a lovely wave up and the other way up and in good then take your arms up show me that lovely circle keeping those shoulders down and paint a rainbow beautiful so let's go through that little bit again we do our plie and stretch arms up pull into your heart and rock to the side beautiful close it in and take your foot up and in good look at your hands and really stretch those toes and then hands all the way up paint a rainbow and finish good job everybody let's add that new section on from the beginning with the music so ready in your pose and is we become stronger beautiful well done everybody let's try that little bit up to there one more time because there are some fast steps in this dance so ready in your starting pose is really beautiful so far well done everybody now when we open our arms to link into the next bit i want you to stretch your foot forwards lovely and what we're going to do for the chorus we're going to rock forwards and we're going to take our arms up beautiful rock back bring them into your heart beautiful rock forwards and point your back foot and then point close beginner then repeat it with the other foot try with me rock forwards back to your heart rock forwards point and close good and i want you to feel nice and strong so head up when you're doing your lovely rocks and change feet beautiful good job everybody let's see if we can add our new section on from the beginning and then it links us into the second verse and we're gonna start straight from the beginning again let's give it a try and again ready back to the beginning rainbow um good job everybody this is looking so beautiful so we're gonna dance it through one more time and this time i would love it if you came up with your own finishing pose so i'm gonna finish in the same pose we started in but i would love it if you wanted to come up with your own finishing pose this time okay so let's go last time show me your best dancing this time everyone we have a choice is us together big strong one more lovely back to the beginning rainbow and again everyone oh keep those heads and your finishing pose of your choice well done everybody that was really beautiful now if you've got any little photos or videos of you dancing along i would love for you to share them with me you can connect with me over on instagram or facebook it's stardust dance academy i'll pop the link down below and i would love to see any little photos or videos or messages if you enjoyed that dance today right to have a little cool down we're gonna do some stretches and balancing to finish so feet in parallel position we're gonna go up and down good and again up on your toes and down good rise up and down one more heads up tall up down good job now we're gonna lift up and down keep those heads up tall and down good job everyone and down just soft floaty arms and beautiful now can you stretch out into a lovely big star shape as big as you can good job and then give yourself a lovely big cuddle as you rock from side to side good let's do that again so stretch out nice and wide good and give yourself a nice big cuddle as you rock side to side good now i want you to stretch up as tall as you can reach those fingers for your ceiling at home good and now can you go up on your tiptoes see if you can stretch reach for the ceiling good job and one more time out nice and wide beautiful and give your hands and your feet a little shake good job everybody now pop your feet in first position because we always finish our ballet classes with a curtsy or a bow so you get to choose how you'd like to finish and this is how we say thank you to each other so standing nice and tall step to the side curtsy or bow step curtsy or bow and give yourselves a clap [Ballet Class Ends]
Thank you so much for dancing with me today everyone i have had so much fun dancing with you all today and i just love that new song from Raya and the Last Dragon if you've enjoyed today's class please drop me a comment below and like and subscribe and feel free to let me know if there are any other songs or movies or dances that you would like me to do for you thank you for joining me and i hope to see you back here for another ballet class next week bye everyone
May 5, 2021