Cinderella Ballet Class

A Children's Ballet Class taught by Miss Hannah & Cinderella! Learn ballet to Disney piano music.

Cinderella Ballet Class

Join Miss Hannah and Cinderella for a beautiful ballet class for kids to dance along to at home. Kids practice their ballet online for free in the comfort of their own home, anytime they would like with this special Cinderella Ballet Class. If your kids love Disney, Disney Princesses or Ballet, they're sure to enjoy this fun and educational ballet class.

We'll be practicing our pliés, tendus, dancing to beautiful ballet music and stretching amongst other things in this full dance class for kids.

Class Description:

Learn some Ballet for Kids with music in this Ballet lesson with Miss Hannah from @Stardust Dance Academy and Disney's Cinderella. Learn and practice ballet at home in this friendly, fun and inclusive ballet class for kids and beginners.

Difficulty / Level

This ballet class and dances are designed to suit our youngest dancers. If you have a baby, toddler, pre-school, primary age child or older - they should all be able to enjoy this beginners ballet class with Miss Hannah and Cinderella.

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Ballet Class with Cinderella and Miss Hannah Transcript

Welcome back to the channel everybody and thank you for joining me for another ballet class now today's ballet class is an extra special one because the beautiful Cinderella is going to take your class she's going to start you off with a warm-up and then teach you one of her favorite dances and then i'll join you again later at the end of the class i hope you all have lots of fun.
[Cinderella appears]
Thank you Miss Hannah for inviting me to your ballet class today i have a very special warm-up dance to teach you to bibbidi bobbidi boo so if you can go and grab a magic wand that would be brilliant if you don't have one don't worry because you can use your imagination so when you're ready let's get started okay everyone waving their magic wands good job everybody cast them spells turning all the way around on your toes and bend your knees and the other way good job now everyone stretch up high and down low and up high good job casting them spells and can you run all the way around your rooms good job everyone and can we do some space amazing ballerinas now can you stretch up high again and down low and up high are we ready let's cast one more spell well done everyone okay you can pop your magic wands away now amazing okay now i want to teach you one of my favorite dances you're going to start off with some lovely sways side to side with them arms down below good job everyone then can you reach out and pretend to go to sleep and the other way amazing everyone then we are going to do our sways again swaying side to side beautiful everyone and then can you step to the side bend their knees push your arms all the way out and then step to the side and then reach your hands into your chest amazing everyone i think we can try that from the beginning with some music beautiful everyone and now let's go to sleep and the other way and our sways again well done everyone okay now it's time to learn the second section so can you turn all the way around on your toes to face the front and then bend your knees and bring your arms all the way out and in and then we are going to go the other way turning all the way around and then bending them knees and then we are going to do our ballet arm so can you do one arm to the side and in and the other way and in and then both arms all the way out bring them up and out to finish amazing everyone let's try that little section with some music turning all the way around and then your knees amazing ballerinas good job and bend your knees and our beautiful belly arms and the other way can you do both arms and up and down amazing everyone well done for our final section we are going to repeat the first little bit and add a very special ending position so can everybody pick up their beautiful princess dresses and stand like a princess amazing everyone or if you are a prince today can you put one hand in front and one hand behind and stand really tall amazing everyone good job let's try and see if we can do it from the very beginning all the way to the end and with our sways and let's go to sleep amazing everyone and our sways again and step to the side bend their knees and reach and now turning all the way around and bend and the other way and bend and our ballet arms and the other way both arms and up amazing now from the beginning again with our sways beautiful everyone and reach to the side and the other way and our suedes and step and bend them knees and step and reach turning on your toes and then your knees and the other way and then your knees and now our belly arms and the other one now both amazing everyone now you're finishing pose beautiful dancing today everyone miss hannah is going to finish her class and hopefully i'll dance with you again soon.
[Cinderella exits, Miss Hannah appears]
Well done everyone that was really beautiful dancing with cinderella we're gonna do some ballet jumps next so standing with your feet in first position hold your dress or hands on your waist we're gonna do four jumps in first position practice with me demi plie jump one two three four good job then we're gonna do a giant jump out to second position out to second and back to first beautiful then we're going to do a little turn on our toes and we're going to practice our arabesques so lovely big step and stretch good and then turn on your toes back to first position and we'll do a lovely port of bra with our arms before we start the whole thing again and we'll practice our arabesque on the other side so feet together let's try with music and one two three four jump out in again big step stretch turn arms up and open see if you can jump higher and again big step well done everyone next we're gonna work on our spring points so i want you all to pretend you've got glass slippers on just like cinderella and what we're gonna do is we're very gently gonna tap our toe on the floor one two good job and then we're gonna jump and switch our legs tap again one two then we're gonna do three single spring points like this one two three good job well done and i want you to pretend remember that you've got cinderella's glass slippers on so you have to tap your toe really gently pop your feet in first and let's have a try with the music points ready to tap tap tap now singles one two three and again tap tap beautiful good job and again two single one two three last time tap tap single one two three great job everyone i think we should try our spring points a little bit faster this time so either holding your dress or hands on your waist and let's work those feet a little bit faster here we go double double singles good double double beautiful good job everyone last time beautiful well done everyone let's practice our beautiful ballerina arms next and a little balance we're going to take our arms up open beautiful and again up lovely sun and a rainbow gorgeous and again up and open now turn on your toes all the way around beautiful finish in parallel position let's do a little balance one foot up and down good job and let's try the other foot ready and down good see if you can rise up on your toes up and down ah beautiful one more lovely and back out to first position good job let's finish with our beautiful curtsies and bows everyone so heads up nice and tall step to the side curtsy or bow beautiful other side step tuck that foot behind curse your bow and give yourselves a big clap well done everyone well done everyone really beautiful dancing today if you've enjoyed today's lesson with me and cinderella please drop us a comment below and don't forget to like and subscribe i really hope you'll join us back here soon for another dance class bye everyone
May 5, 2021