Descendants Space Between

Beginner Lyrical Dance Choreography and Tutorial to the song Space Between from Descendants 2.

Descendants Space Between


Learn a beginners Lyrical dance with Hannah in this step by step tutorial to the Descendants 2 song "Space Between". This emotional song from the scene between Mal and Evie is a perfect piece for some lyrical choreography! Hannah has choreographed a lyrical dance piece to the song. In one video, Hannah shows you the full Descendant's 2 Space Between routine choreography to the original music from the movie; in another video she breaks down the individual steps with counts and lyrics to guide and walk through the dance routine choreography step by step to help you learn all the dance moves from the comfort of your own home.

The piece includes different dance movements that include arm reaches, walks, chaine turn, jump with kicks and more. Practice your dance flow, musicality and lyrical movements with guidance from Hannah, an experienced professional dance teacher and dance school owner of Stardust Dance Academy, Cambridge.

Routine Description:

Watch @Stardust Dance Academy​'s Lyrical dance choreography to Space Between song from Descendants 2. Listen to the full Space Between dance routine with music. Learn the dance routine & come back to practice along with the original OST Descendants music.

Tutorial Description:

Learn @Stardust Dance Academy​'s Space Between dance choreography from Descendants 2 in this breakdown dance tutorial for you to practice along to. Once you're comfortable dancing the dance, head over to the choreography video and dance to the original OST Descendants music.

Difficulty / Level

This lyrical dance routine was designed to be adaptable for beginners and intermediate skilled dancers. Hannah advises of variations in the tutorial video to challenge any more intermediate dancers learning the routine to push themselves further.

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Transcript of Descendants Space Between Lyrical Dance choreography video:

Welcome back to the channel if you are new here I'm Hannah from Stardust Dance Academy and in this video i'm going to perform for you some of my choreography to the song "Space Between" from Descendants 2. i've also made a separate video where i break down and teach this choreography step by step so if you're interested in learning it you can click the link below.
[Song Starts - Lyrics]
I didn't know what you were going through i thought that you were fine what did you have to hide? I didn't want to let you down, but the truth is out. It's tearing me apart not listening to my heart I really had to go and I would never stop you. Even though it changes nothing has to change and you can find me in the Space Between. Where two worlds come to meet, I'll never be out of reach cause you're a part of me so you can find me in the Space Between you'll never be alone. no matter where you go. We can live in the Space Between.
[Song Ends - Lyrics]
Thanks for watching everybody i hope you enjoyed that choreography and don't forget If you want to learn it i've made that separate video for you where i break down all of the steps so check out that link below and i hope you enjoy learning it if you enjoyed this dance and you'd like me to make more videos like this one or if you've got any song requests for me drop me a comment below because i would love to hear from you if you haven't already don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel for more dance videos

Transcript of Descendants Space Between Lyrical Dance Tutorial video:

Welcome back to the channel everybody if you haven't been here before i'm Hannah from Stardust Dance Academy and in this video i'm going to break down and teach you my choreography to "Space Between" from Descendants 2. so this is a lyrical / contemporary dance and i've also filmed a separate video where i'm dancing it with the music so stick here and learn the dance moves and then when you're ready click the link below and you can do it along with music just to warn you i am filming this in my garden studio on a very sunny day so you may hear a few birds chirping away in the background.
[Dance Tutorial Begins]
We're gonna start at the back of our room with our feet together and you're gonna pop one foot up onto demi point perfect we're gonna drop our head and we just hold this position for one two three four lift our head five six take two steps forward seven eight lovely nice and easy to start with then we're gonna step out on our leg and we're gonna lie across our arm so we're reaching that arm out and lie across the arm good then we're gonna lift up to a parallel retearing position and take the head over full circle out into a turned out to second position so let's link that little bit together we start with our foot popped head down lift on five six walk seven eight and out two up three four and five six good you're then going to transfer your weight bring your other arm up reach it right up and then slowly drop it down good the other arm's going to reach and you're going to pull something in towards you then the back arm reaches up and we pull down well done so with lyrical i do sometimes for the counts and some of our dance moves are lyrics all right so for the next bit we're going to reach up and we're going to bring our head down and this is on the word hide okay so you bring it down then out and hide good drop your head then reach up and then this time we're going to contract in the abs and we're going to go down on the word down so you construct that time all right so you pull it in hide just the head and then down contract good then you're going to reach that arm back and we shoot out and then you're going to rise up onto demi points as you reach and pull in towards you okay so you've gone round reach reach up hold it in good nice then we're going to take our arms out this is on tearing me apart and you're going to do a little riffle back with your shoulders if you've got nice bend your backs you can take it into more of a back bend if you want to alright so we've gone around tearing me apart circle sweet up and the lyrics are not listening to my heart and you bring your hands down then we're gonna do a little ripple side side side with our hands just going across well done next we've got some nice two sharp clicks so we're going to step across and then click and that's really sharp so your left hand is coming to your shoulder right hand is clicking and you've got a nice stretch foot and your head goes down as you click it across good so we've gone listening to my heart one two three step and head good then you're going to step across your left arm is going to draw up your body and then you're going to snap and you're going to look up at the ceiling and stretch that foot head goes up good stretch that arm out and head goes to the side we're then going to take a chained turn and our hand is going to circle around the back of our head all at the same time so you're here you're going to step bring your feet to join and your hands going up and round your head okay so do that one once more so you've done not listening to my heart and one two three step and click step and click open six seven eight and seven spin reach good okay from here you finished you've got that back foot stretched and we're reaching up diagonally you're going to pull something in and we're going to slide at the same time so i want you to drag that foot along the floor so you're here reach good then we've got a little part of a race step so the step is up up down so it's three little steps and we're going one two three so up up down behind side front okay so from here we go slide and one two three that hand comes in and flicks out nice we're then gonna do a part of a returning so if you haven't done that before do not worry it's just our three steps up up down but we're gonna turn it around so we've just done one two three then we turn towards our back foot and go one two three so it's just up up down all right do it with me from the reach so we've just reached we're gonna slide turn one two three good bit faster ready and a slide and one two three turn one two three good job that is quick well done okay now it takes us into finding in the space between so we've just done our part of our brain we're gonna cross and your arms kind of swirling across because we're preparing for a giant jump all right so the jump we're going to do we're going to step across we're going to swing our leg out to a nice second position and we're going to hop so we're going to be in the air so we're trying to go down up don't worry about how high your leg goes it could just be miniature or maybe your legs appear i don't know you do whatever is best for you all right so from the slide we go slide and a one two three a one two three down up good you're then going to twist so we've just done a lovely jump you're going to reach pull it in then you're going to step back back together forwards okay so it's a bit like our pump right here so we've done find you in the space between reach and back together forwards lovely we're then going to do a little butterfly step traveling forwards so you're going to kick your back behind you step up up okay so just flick those feet up behind you those of you that have got nice bended backs or have done lots of dancing before you can try and swing the arms up and look up at the ceiling and get that lovely arch shape in your back okay so you can do a nice high jump and lift those arms up i've got to be careful because uh my ceiling is not very high in this room so i can't jump too high but you guys are going to jump really high at home if you've got the space for that butterfly jump so let's go from find you in the space between reach pull it in step back one two three butterfly down up down very nice if you've got this so far okay next little bit we've just done our butterfly you should be on your back foot facing the side perfect we're going to do a lovely shiny turn so arms out a second your arms going to join into first as you take a turn nice high down point squeeze those legs together so you do step turn then we're gonna do a lovely slide and this arm is gonna circle to meet the other one and you end up facing the side good okay do that a little bit again you've just seen your butterfly and we turn step turn slide face to side cool we've got our back foot in a gorgeous stretch position our hands are joined together they're coming in one two three and they finish touching your shoulders head arched and back good so here we go one two three lovely we're gonna step up onto demi points and we're gonna look up at the ceiling okay so a bit tricky but we can give it a try so we're gonna step up down up and as we step up into that high release we click our fingers and we're opening up our chest and head to the ceiling if you're not confident stepping up onto any point do not worry you can just do this on a flat foot so if you don't want to go up onto your demi point you don't have to you can just do it on a flat foot to do whatever is best for you we're here we're then going to fall out of it into a nice lunge so our back foot is extended behind us our front leg is bent near the toe and our arms are stretched out in front good we then get a windmill and you look over your shoulder at your lovely audience and then you do a little half a pillow to finish here if you've not careered before you can just do a turn or if you don't load the pillow you can make it one and a half two and a half three and a half however many turns you want to do all right so from our turn we go step turn slide together one two three step and click step and fall circle look turn good just to finish this phrase you're going to push push and then open with lots of resistance and push down good so nice strong arms there from your turn push push open and down we have finished we've done our lovely turns and we've gone out out open slow push down good we're going to do a little rock transference of weight before we step up into turn out and we're going to lift this foot and we're turned out this time so before we did it in parallel this time we're using our turnout so do a little rock before you start step swing and you're going to push into that hip so you fall out of it nice and again so you do a little rock reach and fall out of it good we're then going to take either one or two shenanigans it's your choice so you're going up together out or if you want to take it two go a little bit quicker up together up together out nice so i'll let you decide how many you want to do and then to finish you're going out and you're looking down at your hands so open open and that's some space between and you slowly bring your hands together into your heart good job everyone let's run the whole thing and then i think you're ready to check out the video with the music hold one two three four head five six walk seven eight and a one two three four five six seven eight and a reach and up and pull and hide open let you down open reach reach palm and torn apart circle sweep and heart and one two three step and click step and click and open six seven eight and a seven turn reach and pop five and six turn seven and eight down jump reach in back together forward butterfly step turn slide and one two three down up and lunge circle over and turn and push push open and down and up and full surely turn and one two three well done everyone.
[Dance Tutorial Ends]
I really hope you've enjoyed learning that choreography with me today if you feel like you've got all those steps and you're ready to dance it with the music click that link below to do the full routine full out with music as many times as you like now if you've enjoyed this kind of video please drop me a comment below let me know if you've enjoyed it or if you've got any questions or comments from me i would love to hear from you if you haven't already hit the like button and subscribe to the channel for more dance tutorials with me and some of the other stardust teachers hope to see you soon

May 5, 2021