Easter Ballet Dance Class

Miss Hannah teaches our youngest dancers in an Easter themed Ballet Dance Class for Toddlers & Kids.

Easter Ballet Dance Class

Join Miss Hannah for a fun and cute Easter ballet class for kids to dance along to at home. Kids practice their ballet online for free in the comfort of their own home, anytime they would like with this Easter 2021 Ballet Class. If your kids love Easter, they're sure to enjoy this fun and educational ballet class.

We'll be practicing our hops, dancing to Easter themed ballet music and stretching amongst other things in this full dance class for kids.

Class Description

Happy Easter! Hop to your feet for an Easter Dance Class for kids! As it's Easter let's have lots of fun in our dance class with our Ballet jumping, hops, balances and more! Let me know your favorite Easter songs in the comments!

Difficulty / Level

This ballet class and dances are designed to suit our youngest dancers. If you have a baby, toddler, pre-school, primary age child or older - they should all be able to enjoy this beginners ballet class with Miss Hannah.

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Easter Ballet Class 2021 Transcript

Welcome to my easter themed ballet class if you're new to the channel and haven't danced with me before my name's Miss Hannah and i run Stardust Dance Academy in Cambridge. if you have danced with me before welcome back and i really hope you all enjoy my easter themed ballet class today.
[Class starts]
Lovely so we're going to start our class with sleeping bunnies which i bet loads of you at home know so we're going to rock side to side and we're gonna mime sleeping and then the music says wake up little bunnies and we're gonna do some jumps or some hops on one foot to make sure we are nice and warm so pop your feet in first position and let's go with the music see the bunnies are you ready can you jump or you can hop on one foot good job back to sleep see the bunny lift up your knees nice and high honey beautiful let's go lovely and go the other way good job everyone back to first position and see the bunny sleeping till it's nearly hood shall we wake them with a merry tune they're so still are good keep those feet together and point those toes well done ballerinas so next we're gonna do a fun dance all about the easter bunny so we're gonna pop our hands on our waist and the song says that easter bunny goes thump thump thump so we're gonna stamp our foot very good then the easter bunny goes jump jump jump and i want you to jump as high as you can stretching those toes good then the easter bunny's ears can you make bunny ears like mine and they go flop flop flop good job everybody let's give all of that a try with some music so standing nice and tall very good are you ready we're gonna do our pizza bunny something so we stump our foot tied up nice and tall ready ready tail on your tiptoes let's try that again ready hands on your waist and jump jump jump yeah as high as you can great job everyone now our next easter themed dance is all about an easter parade so in lots of places all over the world people celebrate easter by having parades out in the street so we're gonna start by holding our dress or with our hands on our waist and we're gonna do four big matches good that's it and then up on your toes now can you tiptoe walk on your toes all the way around lovely and then show me your big marches again one two three four and up on your toes and round the other way fabulous let's see if we can do that first little bit of the dance with the music good so heads up nice and tall you can hold your dress or hands on your waist bend and stretched good so a little plie in parallel position good knees one two three four up round well done everybody so we're gonna finish in first position and we're gonna take two demi plies bend and stretch bend and stretch then in the song they say clapping their hands so we're gonna clap our hands to the music good and then a big open and down repeat plie and stretch plie and stretch and then we're gonna do a lovely big circle and paint a rainbow fabulous well done everybody shall we see if we can do all of that from the very beginning so pop your feet in parallel position good you can hold your dress heads up nice and tall let's do our plies bend and stretch good are you ready knees up around beautiful well done everybody now next in the song they sing about a marching band so pop your hands on your waist and we're gonna march to the side lifting our knees really high march to the side good and then can you go the other way lovely big high knees one more time lift up those knees and then they say but where is the easter bunny so we're gonna put our hands out and can you look side to side for the easter bunny good job everybody well done let's see if we can do our whole easter parade dance from the lovely so beginning feet heads up tall hands on your waist or hold your dress bent and stretched good are you ready for those notches what's up three four up and down good again knees up lovely high marches first position bend marching band good job everyone ready for those please here are yes even faster on your toes children wonderful dancing so far great job everyone now our next dance is about a rabbit that lots of you might already know and it is peter rabbit so we're gonna start nice and tall and we're gonna start with two stretched feet out and in and the other one out and in good job then when you hear the man start to sink he says little peter rabbit has a fly upon his nose that's it can you do it with me so bend and stretch flap your wings and then tap your nose good job and then we take our arms out and we shake our head side to side wonderful and then there's a butterfly that comes and lands on his nose then there's a spider that lands on his knee very good and there's an elephant that lands on his toes so will you follow along with me and the music for the peter rabbit dance upon his nose and a big sunshine and a good very good we're gonna go again this time it's a butterfly little baby a butterfly on his chin are you ready can you show me toes and then touch your knees lovely sunshine and here's your rainbow shake your head your toes out very good roll lovely well done everybody now seeing as this is our very special easter class we are gonna do some jumping so if you want to you can pretend you are a little bunny rabbit with your paws or with your ears or you can put your hands on your skirt or on your waist but i want to see you jump really high so feet together we're gonna do two slow jumps really high one two good job practice with me then we're gonna do three quick jumps ready one two three good so two slow and then three fast then we're gonna do some very special jumps to the side so we're gonna go up up up up lovely and then turn on your toes other way and then turn on your toes good job everyone let's try all of that with music and remember to keep your feet together ready high high now quick one two three again slow slow quick to this side up up ten good and again up up good should we try all again jump higher high high good keep those feet together to the side and turn lovely wonderful well done everybody okay now i want to see who can be the biggest starship so can you stretch your arms and stretch your legs really big good job and then give yourself a lovely big cuddle and now let's see who can be the tallest so can you stretch your fingers to the ceiling very good and can you go up on your toes fabulous and let's see those lovely big star shapes again reach out nice and big wonderful good job everyone and give your hands and your feet a little shake wonderful and let's do our lovely ballerina curtsies or bows so feet in first position heads up nice and tall and step to the side step to the side okay and give yourself a big clap you were amazing today well done everyone thank you so much for joining in my easter themed ballet class today everyone
[Class ends]
I really hope you've enjoyed the class if you have drop me a comment below and don't forget to like and subscribe if you haven't already have a wonderful easter and i hope to dance with you again bye everyone you

May 5, 2021