Lyrical Dance

Visual and emotive dancing

Lyrical Dance

Visual and emotive dance styles

Lyrical dance is a beautiful expressive art form, the choreography often tells a story through the expressive moment, emotion and facial expressions used.

This class will also provide lots of performance opportunities including shows and local events!



If you're interested in lyrical or contemporary dance we would love for you to come and join our class of friendly dancers! Whether you have years of dance experience or are a complete beginner there is a place for you at Stardust.

View our timetable below for times and locations.

Registration is easy! Sign up to our Parent Portal, add you and your child's information and you'll be able to select appropriate classes for them. You can pay online by card, and you will secure a place once payment has been processed online.

Our Lyrical classes can fill up fast, if you find they're full then please add yourself to the waitlist 😊

example lyrical routine