Details about uniform required

We have set merchandise and uniform which we would like all students to wear, it ensures that the students are safely and appropriately dressed for the class they are about to participate in. Uniform is also likely to be needed in shows and performances and it also helps build a sense of community.

All Ballet uniform and shoes can purchased from Lynn or Miss Hannah, please contact us with your requirements.

Acro, Tap and Comp Teams dancewear can be ordered from https://srd.mydancestore.co.uk/

All printed uniform including Stardust T-Shirts, hoodies, cheerleading T-Shirts and bags can be ordered through the link below or at http://rockthedragon.co.uk/product-category/stardust-dance-academy/

Stardust Dance Academy Uniform List

Fairytale Ballet & Primary Ballet

  • Pink Ballet Shoes - £8
  • Pink Ballet Tights - £5
  • Pink Ballet Dress - £15
  • Wrap-around Cardigan (Optional) - £10


  • Purple Stardust Dance T-Shirt | [Link]
  • Black Leggings
  • Tap Shoes (with Toe & Tap Heels) | [Link]
  • Stardust Dance Zip-up Hoodie| [Link]

Ballet (Grade 1 -4)

  • Purple Leotard (Grade 2 +) - £12
  • Pink Ballet Tights - £5
  • Pink Ballet Shoes - £8

Jazz & Street dance

  • Purple Stardust Dance T-Shirt | [Link]
  • Black Leggings/Trousers/Shorts
  • Black Jazz Shoes - £15
  • Stardust Dance Zip-up Hoodie | [Link]

All Stardust Classes

  • Stardust Dance Zip-up Hoodie | [Link]

Compeition teams

Uniform Prices

Please look through our uniform price list for Ballet uniform and shoes. If you need any uniform listed below then please contact us to place an order.
Pink Ballet Shoes (Includes elastic)
Pink Ballet Socks
Pink Leotard (Grade 1)
Purple Leotard (Grade 2-4)
Pink Ballet Dress (Fairytale & Primary Ballet)
Wrap around cardigan
Ballet tights
Boys' Black Leather Ballet Shoes
Boys' White Ballet Socks
Boys' White T-shirt
Boys' Navy Ballet Shorts
Jazz Shoes
Tap Shoes