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Online Classes

Online dance classes to help bring dance to your living room!

I am passionate about teaching dance and understand the importance to keep children's bodies and minds active during these uncertain time. We are now providing subscriptions in a range of dance styles catering for ages 1+ to allow children to dance in the safety of their own home and still get a positive weekly interaction with their teacher and class mates.

To access this content, you will need an internet connection and be able to access Zoom for live classes and YouTube for recorded videos.

A subscription to any Stardust Online Class will provide your child with weekly live classes and some recorded dances/exercises to practice at home every month. Bonus of a live family Zumba/dance workout every Saturday at 10am for everyone subscribed too!


With each class subscription you will receive the following online content:

Weekly Live Classes

Weekly interactive dance classes live-streamed at a set time

Pre-Recorded Videos

Pre-recorded videos for you to watch & rewatch

Family Zumba!

Bonus live Family Zumba every Saturday mornings at 10am

How can I join?

1. Choose a dance class from our timetable below
2. Subscribe (£15 per month)
3. You'll receive an email from us within 48 hours with a link
4. Click the link to access the live class / this months pre-recorded videos
5. We look forward to dancing with you!


we cater for a wide age range and offer classes in different dance styles

All of our online classes are hosted privately on Zoom and run for approximately 30 minutes.

Recorded videos will be on YouTube and available to access at any time after its uploaded. Every month you remain subscribed, you will gain access to additional recorded videos for your chosen class(es).

You are welcome to subscribe to as many classes as you like - why not take this opportunity to try a new class or dance style!

For our Youngest Students:

Baby Ballerinas
Ages 2 - 4 
Every Monday - 10am
Fairytale Ballet
Ages 3 - 5 
Every Monday - 10:45am
Primary Ballet
Ages 5 - 7 
Every Monday - 11:30am
Mini Movers
Ages 1 - 4
Every Tuesday - 10am
Mini Acro
Ages 3 - 6
Every Tuesday - 10:45am

For Older Students:

Jazz (Junior)
Ages 7 - 10 
Every Monday - 3pm
Jazz (Senior)
Ages 11+
Every Monday - 4pm
Ages 7+
Every Tuesday - 11:30am
Ballet (Grade 1)
Ages 7-10
Every Wednesday - 10am
Ballet (Grade 2)
Ages 8 - 11 
Every Wednesday - 10:45am
Ballet (Grade 3 & 4)
Ages 10+
Every Wednesday - 11:30am
Pom Dance / Cheerleading
Ages 7 - 13
Every Thursday - 3pm
Street Dance (Junior)
Ages 5 - 7 
Every Thursday - 3:45pm
Street Dance (Intermediate)
Ages 8 - 14 
Every Thursday - 4:30pm
Lyrical Jazz
Ages 11+
Every Thursday - 5:30pm

Thank you for your interest in Stardust Online Classes.

All online classes are created and produced by Stardust Dance Academy in Cambridge, UK. We're using Zoom for live videos and unlisted YouTube videos for recorded dances. This content is intended for subscription customers only.

New subscriptions will be contacted with instructions on how to access live classes and videos. This may not be instant so please bear with us whilst we begin this journey. By subscribing to Stardust classes online, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Subscriptions to Stardust Online will use Stripe to process recurring subscription payments. Payment information will be processed by Stripe in accordance with their Privacy & Terms and sensitive information such as card details will not be visible to Stardust.

To amend and cancel your subscription, please use our Contact form.


We have a series of free Family Zumba videos on YouTube to enjoy any time you feel like dancing!
Zumba on YouTube